Conversations That Get Results


Your conversations don't feel as though they are working for you:

  • You feel as though people just don't "get you" in conversation
  • You don't feel listened to
  • You feel frustrated
  • You wish people would pay attention and not be so difficult

This course, founded on the idea of the conversational mindset, provides you with tools to build on that foundation and support you in having effective and constructive conversations.

Develop your conversational skills. This course will help you to:

  • Reduce conflict, anger and frustration
  • Feel listened to and understood
  • Make choices that allow you to work towards useful outcomes

Course Outline

  • Module 1 - Mastering Your Conversational Mindset
  • Module 2 - Noticing Your Stories and Opinions
  • Module 3 - Understanding How You Listen and How You Speak
  • Module 4 - Understanding the Role of Emotions in Conversation
  • Module 5 - Bringing it all Together

Course Features

  • Fully online
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Experiential course that enables participants to apply the content to everyday life
  • Regular zoom calls offered with instructor
  • Support via a course discussion board

Who will Benefit From This Course?

  • Anyone who would like to improve their conversations at home, at work, or anywhere in life
  • Managers and leaders
  • Those who interact with customers, colleagues and others

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23 Lessons

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23 Lessons in Conversations That Get Results:


Welcome to the Course!

Understand how the course is structured and what is expected.

Live Zoom Link Details

Provide details of monthly Zoom calls

Module 1 : Mastering Your Conversational Mindset

Audio Lesson - Conversational Mindset

Brief Overview of Conversational Mindset

Downloadable - Module 1 Course Handouts

Downloadable Material

Lesson 1 : Noticing How You Approach Conversations

At the end of this lesson, students will understand what a conversational mindset is, and how to use it for effective and useful conversations

Lesson 2 : Using Your Conversational Mindset Effectively

Learn how to shift to a more resourceful conversational mindset

Module 2 : Understanding How You Use Stories and Opinions in Conversation

Audio Lesson - Stories and Opinions

Brief Overview of Stories and Opinions

Downloadable - Module 2 Course Handouts

Downloadable Material

Lesson 3: Noticing How You Use Stories and Opinions

Understand the difference between facts and opinions

Lesson 4 : Using Your Stories and Opinions Effectively

Understand how opinions and true facts can inform our behaviour in conversation.

Module 3 : Understanding How You Are Listening and Speaking in Conversation

Audio Lesson - Listening and Interpreting

Brief Overview of Listening and Interpreting

Downloadable - Module 3 Course Handouts

Downloadable Material

Audio Lesson and Poem - My Country by Dorothea Mackellar

Downloadable Material

Lesson 5 : Noticing How You Listen in Conversation

Understand that listening isn't simply hearing. It is interpreting.

Audio Lesson - Speaking to Concerns

Brief Overview of Speaking to Concerns

Lesson 6 : Noticing How You Speak in Conversation

Understand that how we speak can impact the interpretations of the listener without us even realising

Module 4 : Understanding Your Emotions in Conversation

Audio Lesson - Moods and Emotions

Brief Overview of Moods & Emotions

Downloadable - Module 4 Course Handouts

Downloadable Material

Lesson 7 : Noticing Your Moods and Emotions

Understand how our moods and emotions can influence our conversations

Lesson 8 : Understanding How Your Moods & Emotions Guide You

Apply our learning of moods and emotions to conversation

Bringing Everything Together

Audio Lesson - Bringing our Learning to Life

Bringing our learning to life

Downloadable - Effective Conversations Checklist

Downloadable Material

Bringing our Learning to Life